Monday, October 1, 2018

Supreme 75 Model

Supreme 75 Model
We fabricate quality items for offering amazing efficiency. Our biomass briquetting plants have elite and are extremely strong and additionally vitality proficient.

The Supreme 75 Model is the refreshed adaptation of our Super 65 Model. This machine offers 800-1000 kg/hr profitability. This model calls for Hammer Mill for powdering the crude material before nourishing, for the creation of the briquettes.


Creation Capacity :  800-1000 Kgs/Hr Depends on crude material
Completed Product Size :  75mm Diameter
Crude - Material Size :  Powdery
Procss Cost/Mt (Approx.) :  IRS.650 to 700/ -
Handy utilized Amp. Load:  60 – 70 Amp (Approx)

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