Monday, October 1, 2018

Supreme 75 Model

Supreme 75 Model
We fabricate quality items for offering amazing efficiency. Our biomass briquetting plants have elite and are extremely strong and additionally vitality proficient.

The Supreme 75 Model is the refreshed adaptation of our Super 65 Model. This machine offers 800-1000 kg/hr profitability. This model calls for Hammer Mill for powdering the crude material before nourishing, for the creation of the briquettes.


Creation Capacity :  800-1000 Kgs/Hr Depends on crude material
Completed Product Size :  75mm Diameter
Crude - Material Size :  Powdery
Procss Cost/Mt (Approx.) :  IRS.650 to 700/ -
Handy utilized Amp. Load:  60 – 70 Amp (Approx)

Super 65 Model

Super 65 Model

      Super 65 Model is our most punctual machine which was conceived out of our exceptional exertion and research. This machine has a Hammer Mill, which is a powdering unit. It is given since this machine must be sustained with powdered crude material to deliver briquettes.

         This model is best reasonable for accomplishing medium generation limit with least capital use.


Briquetting Machine

JUMBO BRQ - 9075

Jay Khodiyar machine Tools is one of the confided in associations for Manufacturer and Exporter and Supplier of Agro Machinery in India. We Are Making Briquetteing Machines are appropriate to plan briquettes from agro squander, rice refuse, shelled nut debris, wood squander, burn squander, saw dust, charcoal powder, coal dust, coke powder and so forth. Briquettes or briquet is generally a square molded material having combustible trademark, which is utilized as a fuel either to begin a fire or keep up the consuming rate of the fire. These days, briquettes are set up in various shapes, for example, pad formed, round molded, square molded, cubic molded, chamber formed, pole molded and so forth. The briquette making machines convert low vitality fills into high thickness reasonable energizes as briquettes.

jay khodiyar  Briquette Making Machines are available in a varied range, thus suiting every one's choice and budget. The offered Models are:
Super 65 Model
Supreme 75 Model
Powder Making Unit
 Jumbo BRQ 9075 Model
Crusher CUM Shredder
Turbo Dryer CTD 60

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Biomass Briquetting

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Welcome to you Biomass-Briquetting products and blog. We are  trusted manufacturers and exporters of an heavy dueity range of biomass briquetting plant that is ideal for produce bio fuel from organic wastes.We have been supporting wave power of the world.we make beiquetting is row material like leaves, dusts, shells or forest wastages like leaves, stalks, twigs, wood, barks etc, into heavy kind of fuel like bio coal.  Our Products are Renewable Biomass Briquetting Press, Bio Coal Briquetting Machine, Coal Briquette Making Equipment. Our prosuction scince 1994 of Biomass Briquietting Machine. We are Exporter of many countries like Algheria, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Chaina, Dhaka, India, much More.